A company that provides Group Insurance for their staff shows that they are among New Zealand’s best and most community minded employers.

They show that they understand that people are an organisation’s most important and valuable asset.

But what benefits does an employer get for providing a subsidised health insurance?

1    Attract potential staff

  • Health insurance is a highly valued employee benefit.
  • A subsidised health insurance scheme is rated as more important than corporate reputation and is the most important fringe benefit when assessing new employers – more important than car parking or subsidised income protection.

2    Retain key staff

  • Employers who pay for health insurance usually enjoy higher levels of employee satisfaction.
  • Having staff absent for a long period of time due to illness can increase the level of stress experienced by other employees.

 3    Reduce absence

  • Subsidising health insurance can reduce time off due to medical reasons.
  • Full-time employees with health insurance subsidised by employers took on average 2.2 fewer days off work than those without health insurance.



What it means for your business

  • Increased productivity: improving the health, fitness and lifestyle of your employees helps to improve their productivity.
  • Retention: employees with health insurance feel positive about the organisation they work for.
  • Reduced cost of absence: employees with health insurance take fewer days off work.

What it means for your people

  • Health insurance makes employees feel valued and secure.
  • If an employee is diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition, health insurance can pay for private medical treatment.
  • Employees can have treatment at a time that suits them.